Read me

February 16, 2009

Desire unbuttoned her

like a book of secrets

and I knew

the bibliophile’s delight

in pleasure

not only in meaning

but every phrase and turn

that brings us to them.

That a caress

reveals more

when it is repeated

and savoured.

Like a favourite passage

read and read again.

Hair brushed from the

hidden note

of a smooth neck

bent gracefully

in an invitation to learn more.

Or the glimpsed importance

of a knee

and its over-looked questions

of touch and truth.

Her movements,

every one a rewrite

of need and knowledge.


Your books

September 17, 2008

Your books
are scattered through my shelves
so now when I search
for a volume unread or revisited
I come across you
in the pages of a loan.

Books that now hold more meaning
than their authors could have imagined
and I hold them
knowing that you too have held them
and their pages were once the focus
of your attention
and your eyes dwelled on them
and they gave you pleasure.

You are scattered through
the library of my life
and no memory that is
not touched with shadings of you
is left.