Flight plan

Out over the patient ocean,

waiting for every pilot

is the circle

that maps his point of no return,

beyond which

the fuel that trembles in the tanks

will only carry him

and his craft

to a different end.

We fly further

no checklist

or manual,

nothing to tell

when the fatal point

passes under an innocent wing.

We fly on,

heedless navigators,

against all regulations,

waiting for the voice and the word

in the static of our hearts.


3 Responses to Flight plan

  1. Jaymie says:

    I am not even sure how to reply. I keep rereading it and getting lost in the visions. The patient ocean – amazing – and it really is. Static hearts, sometimes that is where I hear the static. I keep ruminating and getting distracted by clouds. It is true and rings so.

  2. ulla says:

    Thanks for this one…

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