The new ice age

Silence can say goodbye

as loudly as a scream.

Frozen in the air

the nothing of nothing done

settles on skin like crystals,

fine pointy protection,

powerless powder against the

slipstream of time.

Life continues,

hidden beneath the layer

of dreams gone hard and brittle.

Movement can break the shell,

shed the skin that no longer fits

but who wants to destroy

the only thing that seems intact ?

The hollow heart still beating

or just echoes ?


5 Responses to The new ice age

  1. calliopespen says:

    Brilliant, creeps up on you, finally forcing introspection. I shall be thinking of this today, it will stay with me. Thank you for posting.

  2. Cam says:

    Love it. thank you for this. It pierced me.

  3. sashi says:

    wonderful!I like your ability to describe the intangible 🙂

  4. Jaymie says:

    Thank you for creating something that stays with me after I have finished reading. Would it be alright if I add a link to “Write Now” on my blogroll? I want to be able to share your gems with others.


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