Search and destroy

Find yourself.

Peel back layer after layer they plead,

and you will uncover your true nature

in all its power and potency.

The new religion, without recourse

to dark powers or unknown light.

The mystery lies within,

and must be faced alone,

as the end is.

Within, deep below the surface

where light loses the battle

and must be focussed without mercy,

where an entire lifetime

of cause and chance and choice

presses on every square centimeter of soul

and a brittle shell wraps around the core of cores.

What if there is no center ?

Are we condemned to sit

crosslegged and crouched,

a captive crippled form ?

Daubing silted experience

on a doomed framework.


One Response to Search and destroy

  1. the author says:

    this is fantastic ~

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