New words

I need to learn to speak again.

A new language.

Or search the tongues of man.

Or the songs of the machines.

For new words.

For the old words fail me,

when I come to you.

I can pile them up.

Arrange their jig-sawed pieces

in patterns that work

for describing motorcycles and madness,

nights of intoxication and days of darkness.

But you are beyond my reach.

Your beauty can be comprehended

only when the mind and heart and hand are in concert.

What dry word on a page could be you ?

What phrase would curve as your hip does ?

What word could sing like your laughter ?

A language invented for you

with words that are long and beautiful.

With sounds that make love to the ear

and phrases that leave the page and curl

past your skin to fill the eye

with your face and sigh into the mind

of any fortunate reader.

These words are my search.


One Response to New words

  1. Fitch says:

    You are mistaken … the old words are not failing you. You bend them to your will in the most amazing of ways. If you came up with new words, new languages for your poetry, I’m not sure your reader’s hearts could withstand the beauty and passion of your artistic expressions.

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